Sakrebyle elephant camp (Sacrebyle, Sakrebail) in India

Sakrebyle elephant camp (Sacrebyle, Sakrebail)
Local nameSakkare Bailu
First elephant arrived1965
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Sakrebyle means ‘fields of sugar’ in Kannada, and this elephant camp is situated on the Shimoga Mangalore highway and it is 14 Kms from Shimoga city, at Sacrebyle village. This is one of the oldest camps in India for rehabilitating and training elephants. The Sakrebailu Elephant Camp was set up in 1965.

2005: 19 elephants and 2 calves in the camp

1. Shivu, Male, 67 Year
2. New tusker, Male, 64 Year
3. Ganesha, Male, 21 Year
4. Mayura, Male, 18 Year
5. Ranga, Male, 15 Year, Sagar division for protection
6. Sagar, Female, 13 Year
7. Indira, Female, 71 Year
8. Kaveri, Female, 69 Year
9. Kunthi, Female, 66 Year
10. Gayathri, Female, 62 Year, Bannerghatta National park
11. Subhadra, Female, 58 Year, Sagar division for protection
12. Kapila, Female, 55 Year
13. Geetha, Female, 55 Year
14. Lilli, Female, 54 Year, Bannerghatta National park,
15. Gange, Female, 49 Year,
16. Nethravathi, Female, 6 Year,
17. Shivagange, Female, 3 Year,
18. Theertharama, Male, 13 Year,
19. Vajra, Male, 2 Year,
20. Gange cub, Female, 3 Months,
21. Kaveri cub, Male, 2 ö Months,
22. Rajendra, Male, 26 Year, Handed over by Kolluru Mookambika temple,foot temporary maintenance.

2018-05-01: As many as four trained elephants from Sakrebail elephant camp, near here, commenced their journey to their new home, Dudhwa National Park in Uttar Pradesh on Monday. Karnataka government decided to hand over 12-year-old Amrutha; two-year-old Prakruthi; five-year-old Kiran, and six-year-old Bhaskar from Sakrebail camp to Uttar Pradesh.

2018-07-01: Presently, the camp is hosting 22 resident elephants and there is still space for some more. Eleven are tuskers while the rest females, of which Geeta (75) is the eldest. There are nine calves born to captive mothers here. There are three more elephants but left alone in the wild. (Source)

2018-08-31: Male elephant baby born. The total number of elephants in the camp has now risen to 23. (Source)

2020-10-00: an elephant baby born (24 elephants).

2020-10-20: A 35-year-old elephant, named Ekadanta, passed away at Sakrebailu camp in Shivamogga. Ekadanta was captured two years back from the forests in Sakleshpur, Hassan district. Following Ekadanta's demise, 23 elephants remain in the camp. (Source)

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