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Deceased elephants at FAE Elephant Hospital in Thailand

This database list 36 dead elephants

Nr Sex Species Name Id Status Arrival locationImport
1+ ♂ EM Ming Mongkol Born: unknown x Dead:2020-06-05 (2 years after arrival), 2018-11-18 Thailand unspecified location
2+ ♂ EM Ekachai Born: unknown x Dead:2018-10-11, collapsed and died Thailand unspecified location
3+ ♀ EM Mopator Born: wild x Dead:2018-05-23, euthanised
4+ ♂ EM Raepor 40Born: unknown 1977? x Dead:2017-08-15, food related dyspepsia and bloat2017-08-14 Thailand unspecified location
5+ ♂ EM Chang Jiew (Dante) 7Born: captive-born 2010-02-15Jok x Kamnoi Dead:2017-04-22 (7 years after arrival), disease Elephant endotheliotropic herpes virus2010-02-00 Jumbo elephant camp
6+ ⚪ EM Somwang 7Born: wild x Dead:2017-02-25, unknown Unknown
7+ ♂ EM Boonkong 7Born: wild x Dead:2016-08-24, disease Elephant TB (Mycobacterium tuberculosis)
8+ ⚪ EM Cat 7Born: unknown x Dead:2015-08-26, disease bloat, collapsed2015-06-00
9+ ⚪ EM Kaewkam 7Born: wild x Dead:2015-05-07, euthanised 2015-01-00
10+ ♂ EM Naka < 1 7Born: captive-born 2013-01-00 x Kampan Dead:2014-03-12, disease Elephant endotheliotropic herpes virus2013-01-04
11+ ♀ EM Ikhe (Phung Ekhe) 7Born: wild x Dead:2012-12-07 (14 years after arrival), unknown 1998-02-00
12+ ♀ EM Thong 25Born: 1987 x Dead:2012-10-04, maternal death 2012-09-30
13+ ♂ EM noname 25Born: x Thong Dead:2012-10-04, maternal death
14+ ♂ EM Thongbai 25Born: x Dead:2012-02-04, unknown
15+ ♂ EM Namchoke 10Born: 2002 x Dead:2012, unknown 2012-02-26 Baan Ruamit elephant Village
16+ ♂ EM Pa Hae Po 10Born: unknown x Dead:2011, euthanised 2011-09-13
17+ ♀ EM Taen Thong 10Born: wild x Dead:2010-10-04 (13 years after arrival), age 1997-04-00
18+ ♀ EM Baby Zeno 2Born: captive-born 2008-09-24 x Kamprai Dead:2010 (2 years after arrival), disease Elephant endotheliotropic herpes virus?2008-09-24
19+ ♀ EM Namfon < 1 2Born: captive-born 2009-04-26 x Boon Dee (Pang Boontan) Dead:2009-12-18, unknown
20+ ♀ EM Tahnee 2Born: wild x Dead:2009-12-07, disease collapsed
21+ ♂ EM Dumbo 2Born: unknown x Dead:2009-11-22, unknown 2009-11-21
22+ ♂ EM Thongmee 60Born: wild 1949 x Dead:2009-01-29, disease obstruction of intestines2009-01-29
23+ ♀ EM Baanyen 39Born: wild 1969 x Dead:2008, unknown 2008-07-09
24+ ♂ EM Toansai 39Born: captive-born x Noi Dead:2008, stillborn 2008-00-00
25+ ♀ EM Manguaylow (Ma-nguay-low) 28Born: wild 1978 x Dead:2006-05-23 (3 years after arrival), unknown 2003-02-17
26+ ♀ EM Kamsri 28Born: wild x Dead:2006-05-07, maternal death 2006-05-06
27+ ♂ EM miscarriage: < 1 28Born: captive-born 2006-05-07 x Kamsri Dead:2006-05-07, miscarriage 2006-05-07
28+ ♂ EM Boonnum 28Born: wild x Dead:2005-10-12, disease anorexia, depressed and bloated2005-10-12
29+ ♀ EM Dui-Dui (Tiny, Plai Tini) < 1 28Born: captive-born 2003 x Pang Paitoon Dead:2004-07-07, unknown 2004-07-07 Unknown
30+ ♂ EM Boon Lott < 1 28Born: captive-born 2003 x Pang Tong Dead:2004-06-26, unknown femur fracture
31+ ♂ EM Plai Tour 28Born: wild x Dead:2004-01-21, euthanised
32+ ♀ EM Kahmee 28Born: wild x Dead:2002-07-07 (5 years after arrival), euthanised with injections of anaesthesia.1997-04-28
33+ ♀ EM Pooh-Pah 3Born: captive-born 1999-02-17 x Auan Dead:2002, disease pneumonia, hemorragic septisemia
34+ ♀ EM Pung Kammee 3Born: wild x Dead:2000-07-08 (3 years after arrival), euthanised after she collapsed1997-00-00
35+ ♀ EM Yooyee 2Born: unknown 1994 x Dead:1996-03-30, disease malnutrition
36+ ♀ EM Pang Kwang 2Born: wild x Dead:, unknown 2004-02-12

Source for the list of elephants deceased at FAE Elephant Hospital

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