Brasilias Zoo Garden in Brazil

Brasilias Zoo Garden
Local name Jardim Zoológico de Brasília

Place Brasília - Distrito Federal (DF)
Country Brazil
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Key People

Veterinarians: Lucia Magalhaes (veterinarian)

Elephant department

Head keepers
of elephants

Elephant keepers
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Brasilias Zoo Garden, in Brasília - Distrito Federal (DF), Brazil .

Living elephants

At the Brasilias Zoo Garden lives 2 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Bela born 1993
  2. Chocolate born 1992-04-19

Comments / pictures

1994: With the death of the fifty-four-year-old elephant Nely, technicians at the Brasília zoo began to make contacts to obtain another specimen. Veterinarian Lúcia Magalhães says that there are currently no captive elephants in the country that can be donated.
In Belo Horizonte, two calves were born in captivity, but in other states, zoos have only one male and one female.

Today, Lúcia is heading to South Africa, where the meeting of directors of zoos in Latin America is taking place. Participants will visit reserves and parks and the veterinarian will take the opportunity to negotiate a couple of elephants for the city"

Jornal do Brasil (RJ) - 1990 a 1999

1995: African female Bela arrived from the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

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