Aarhus Zoo (Århus Zoologisk Have) in Denmark

Aarhus Zoo (Århus Zoologisk Have)
First elephant arrived1935
Last elephant left1960
Closed down1960
AddressTivoli Friheden
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Aarhus Zoo (Århus Zoologisk Have), located at Tivoli Friheden, in Aarhus, Denmark, was founded in 1932 and the first elephant arrived in 1935. The last elephant left in 1960. Aarhus Zoo (Århus Zoologisk Have) closed down in 1960 in Aarhus, .

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Founded in 1932 by Axel Hutzelsider (1882-1959), and later with assistans from his son Hubert Hutzelsider (1906-1973), the zoo suffered from the second world war, and the Zoo was leased to Chr. Jensen (dead 1950) and after his death to Kay Bøegh, who finished the leasing in 1960.

The Zoo closed and the animals were sold.

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