Bannerghatta Biological Park Zoo in India

Bannerghatta Biological Park Zoo

Size25,000 acre (101 km²)
Total nrs1400
Number of species94
Number of animals1400
Address Bannerghatta National Park
Place Bangalore
Country India
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DirectorsSantosh Kumar

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VeterinariansDr Umashankar

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Bannerghatta Biological Park Zoo, located at Bannerghatta National Park, in Bangalore, Karnataka, India .

Living elephants

At the Bannerghatta Biological Park Zoo lives 22 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Baby
  2. Barkha
  3. Gajendra born 2009-08-03
  4. Gayathri born 1961
  5. Lilly born 1967
  6. Maya
  7. Munniya born 1973
  8. Rupa born 2008
  9. Samapath born 2014-02-00
  10. Sudha born 2020-08-17
  11. Suvarna born 1990
  12. Tulsi born 2021-01-30
  13. unknown born 2016
  14. unknown born 2020-08-01
  15. unknown born 2024-01-30
  16. Unknown born 2015-06-20
  17. unknown born 2017-09-22
  18. Unnamed born 2011-02-22
  19. Vanaraja (Vanaraj) born 1968
  20. Vanashree born 2007-01-29
  21. Vanitha (Vanita) born 1984-00-00
  22. Veda born 1999-02-02

Comments / pictures2009: The BBP has 10 elephants, 9 females (age range from 1 to 48 years) and one Adult male of 47 years. The elephants are kept for display at the zoo, however allowed to range free in the nearest forest during night hours.

2015-07-01: A female calf was born in BBP 10 days ago to elephant Suvarna. With this, the number of female elephants at BBP has increased to 12.

2017-07-27: 27-year-old Abhilash was killed by elephant Sundar after he entered the park illegally, after consuming Alcohol, and tried to click a selfie with the Sundar.

2020-02-10: A newborn elephant calf at Bengaluru Bannerghatta Biological Park (BBBP) has been named after Padma Shri recipient Tulsi Gowda, who has planted over one lakh trees.The female calf Tulsi, a new member to the BBP family, was born on January 30 to the 13-year-old elephant Vanashree. Both mother and calf are doing well.

2020-08-02: Twelve-year-old female elephant Rupa has given birth to the baby of a male elephant at Bannerghatta Biological Park in Karnataka on Saturday. The Executive Director of BBPP said that both mother and calf are healthy and are doing good work. The executive director said, "This was the second child given by Rupa, it gave birth to a female child at the age of 8 in 2016." With this calf, the current elephant population is 24 in BBP Park.

2021-04-01-2022-03-31: 25 elephants present, 11 males and 14 females, according to Annual Inventory of Animals in Indian zoos.

2023-04-21: Performing a rare surgery, a team of veterinary surgeons saved a 48-year-old elephant at Bannerghatta Biological Park. which had suffered a stillbirt and was on the verge of dying. Suvarna has so far delivered nine calves — the highest number of elephant deliveries at the park.

2024-01-30: male baby elephant born, brings the number up to 26.

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