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Emmen Zoo in Netherlands

Emmen Zoo
Local name Dierenpark Emmen, Noorder Dierenpark

First elephant arrived1935
Last elephant left2015
Closed down2015
Address Hoofdstraat 18
Zip-code 7801BA
Place Emmen
Country Netherlands
Website Website


Key People


Elephant department

Head keepers
of elephants

Elephant keepers -: Rieks Scheve
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Emmen Zoo, located at Hoofdstraat 18, in Emmen, Netherlands , was founded in 1935 and the first elephant arrived in 1935. The last elephant left in 2015. Emmen Zoo closed down in 2015 in Emmen, .

Living elephants

At the Emmen Zoo lives 11 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Ein She Min born 2009-05-23
  2. Einga-Tha born 2010-03-09
  3. Ka Yan born 2021-02-19
  4. Ma Ya Yee born 1999-05-02
  5. Manoa born 2018-06-26
  6. Mauk born 2018-04-02
  7. Mingalar Oo born 1992-03-01
  8. Radza junior (Radza Jr) born 2014-05-16
  9. Ravi born 2014-07-20
  10. Shwe Zin born 2007-08-08
  11. Timber born 1998-02-13

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Contradictory records:

1988: From Soest, delivered by animal trader E.A.G. van den Brink: 8 animals, 1 male and 7 females to Zoo Emmen, Holland. They were inspected at Rangoon Zoo by Mr Rieks (Rieks Scheve). (1.Naing Thein, 2.Htoo Kin Aye, 3.Htoo Yin Aye, 4.Khaing Lwin Htoo, 5.Swe San Thay, 6.Thiha Phyu, 7.Thi Ha Way, 8.Yu Zin)
(F. van den Brink, Lutten, Holland, 2014)

In 1988 7 elephants came from Burma and zookeeper Rieks Scheve went to pick them up and learned the commands from the Burmese who came with the elephants.

2015: Zoo Emmen closed at the end of 2015, but reopened early 2016 on another location as Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen.

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