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Deceased elephants at Emmen Zoo in Netherlands

This database list 14 dead elephants

Nr Sex Species Name Id Status Arrival locationImport
1+ ♀ EM stillborn EEP id: 202011? (EEP nr N/A) < 1 Born: captive-born 2020-07-16Mekong x Ma Ya Yee Dead:2020-07-16, stillborn premature2020-07-16
2+ ♂ EM Radsch EEP id: 6801 46Born: wild 1967 x Dead:2013-10-01 (10 years after arrival), unknown 2003-10-03 Riga Zoo
3+ ♀ EM Htoo Kin Aye EEP id: 8102 31Born: wild 1981-04-01 x Dead:2012-06-11 (24 years after arrival), disease 1988-06-27 E.A.G. van den Brink1988
4+ ♂ EM Thura EEP id: 201207 < 1 31Born: captive-born 2012-05-22Radsch x Htoo Kin Aye Dead:2012-06-11, euthanised weak; following death of mother2012-05-22
5+ ♀ EM Swe San Thay Local id: SST 4907 (Tattoo) EEP id: 7904 31Born: captive-born 1979-11-28 x Dead:2010-02-17 (22 years after arrival), accident fell during birth, and broke her pelvis1988-06-27 E.A.G. van den Brink1988
6+ ♂ EM noname EEP id: 201001 < 1 31Born: captive-born 2010-02-17Radsch x Swe San Thay Dead:2010-02-17, accident died when the mother fell during birth2010-02-17
7+ ♀ EM Annabel (Tessa) EEP id: 6606 45Born: wild 1964 x Dead:2009-03-01 (43 years after arrival), euthanised fell in dry moat1966-05-20 Tilburg Zoo
8+ ⚪ EM miscarriage EEP id: 200804 < 1 45Born: captive-born 2008-03-07Radsch x Swe San Thay Dead:2008-03-07, miscarriage 2008-03-07
9+ ♂ EM Unnamed EEP id: 9807 < 1 45Born: captive-born 1998-07-09Naing Thein x Khaing Lwin Htoo Dead:1998-07-09, miscarriage premature birth1998-07-09
10+ ♂ EM Kan Yome EEP id: 9401 < 1 45Born: captive-born 1994-05-29Naing Thein x Khaing Lwin Htoo Dead:1994-05-30, unknown 1994-05-29
11+ ♂ EM Bo Gyi EEP id: 9205 < 1 45Born: captive-born 1992-06-01Naing Thein x Yu Zin Dead:1993-07-01, euthanised leg fracture after falling into dry moat1992-06-01
12+ ♀ EM Katinka (Tinka,Tinca) 28Born: wild 1933 x Dead:1961-07-03 (22 years after arrival), euthanised shot, because of arthritis1939-05-31
13+ ♀ EM Oelie 28Born: wild x Dead:1938-10-00 (2 years after arrival), disease Autopsy showed abdominal disorders1936-00-00
14+ ♀ EM Sheila (Stella) 28Born: wild 1933 x Dead:, unknown 1939-05-31

Source for the list of elephants deceased at Emmen Zoo

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