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Address 2381 Hong Qiao road
Zip-code 200335
Place Shanghai
Country China
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Shanghai Zoo, located at 2381 Hong Qiao road, in Shanghai, China .

Living elephants

At the Shanghai Zoo lives 2 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Bamo born 1964
  2. unknown born 2006-11-00

Comments / picturesThe Shanghai Zoo presently raises three generations of the Asiatic elephant family. The indoor elephant palace was built in 1955, and was the first permanent animal house built in the Shanghai Zoo. The whole construction area including the palace covers an area of 1,550 square meters. An outdoor hallway decorated with colorful wisteria vines connects the two entrance halls in the south.
The large outdoor area is surrounded by a dry Moat and covers an area of 4,000 square meters. This area includes a section for mud baths, a feeding area, and a space where the elephants can bathe and take shelter from the heat. The Asiatic Elephant is a favorite among children., The Asiatic Elephant Section

The Zoo of Shanghai has very a long tradition of presentation and reproduction of Asian elephants (Elephas maximus). It is besides one of these animals which surely played in favour of the creation of the zoological gardens in 1954. Since 1955 a vast building was built them to accomodate, building which exists besides always and which still impresses by its dimensions.

Shanghai Zoo in China ChinaBanna with her baby Yina in 1978.

The first birth of elephant took place in 1978; a birth of second generation was also recorded as of May 1995; in July 2007, a young elephant calf of a few months still played near his/her mother, proof of the continuity of this breeding. The above mentioned building is bordered on its northern frontage by three enclosures in length. Two large males and a female accompanied by its young person occupied the installation. The Zoo of Shanghai also presents pachyderms in spectacle. This one takes place several times per day in an arena located at the back of the complex of the reptiles, near to the entry. Five elephants, four beautiful males and a female, all old roughly of ten years, carry out a particularly daring show there.
Les zoos dans le monde, Shanghai Zoo, 2007-09-21

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