Circus Darix Togni in Italy

Circus Darix Togni
Local name Circo Darix Togni

Country Italy
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Directors 1951-1976: Darix Togni (director)
2006: Davio Togni (director)

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Elephant department

Head keepers
of elephants
1951-: Ugo Miletti
(chief elephant trainer)

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Circus Darix Togni, Italy , was founded in 1951.

Comments / picturesThe chief elephant trainer Ugo Miletti showed the elephants in the ring during early years.

The children of Ercole Togni were Darix Togni, Wioris Togni, Wanet Togni, Leda Togni, and Doly Togni. Their new circus took the name of Darix Togni, since Darix was the star of the family with his very popular lion and tiger acts. The circus folded its tent after Darix\'s death, in 1976.
Raffaele De Ritis, Italy

The circus was closed down in 1980, but was again restarted in 1990 by Livio Togni, Corrado Togni, Davio Togni, and Danila Togni, children of Darix Togni (1922-1976).

In April 1990, in Paris' Bois de Boulogne, Livio Togni (b.1950) and his brothers inaugurated Il Florilegio di Darix Togni..

Since 2006, the family operates three circus units: Circus Florilegio – Amar in Algeria, a two-ring circus with a circus-on-ice part managed by Livio Togni\' s sons, Max Togni and Steve Togni; another unit named Circus Darix Togni, managed by Davio Togni, which has successfully performed for two consecutive years (2007 and 2008) in Teheran, Iran; and a third unit which is occasionally used during the winter in Italy or France.

Raffaele De Ritis, Pescara, Italy, Circopedia

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