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Tai National Park, Ivory Coast .

Comments / picturesTaï National Park (Parc National de Taï) is a national park in Côte d'Ivoire containing one of the last areas of primary rainforest in West Africa. It was inscribed as a World Heritage Site in 1982 due to the breadth of its flora and fauna - in particular endangered Species such as the pygmy hippopotamus, chimpanzees, and monkeys.
Taï National Park is approximately 100 km from the Ivoirian coast on the border with Liberia between the Cavally and Sassandra Rivers. It covers an area of 3,300 km² with a 200 km² buffer zone up to 396 m.
The Tai Forest reserve was created in 1926 and promoted to National Park status in 1972. It was recognised as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1978 and added to the list of Natural World Heritage Sites in 1982.[1]
Five mammal Species of the Taï National Park are on the red list: Pygmy Hippopotamus, Olive Colobus monkeys, Leopards, Chimpanzees and Jentink\'s Duiker.
The Tai Forest is a natural reservoir of the Ebola virus. The World Health Organization has expressed concern over the proximity of an International Airport at Abidjan.


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