Relocated elephants from English East India Company in United Kingdom

English East India Company had previously 5 elephants relocated to new location.

Nr Sex Species Name Id Status Arrival
Present locationImport
1 † ♂ EM - Chunee
dead: Born wild Dead: 1826-03-01, ? yrs Reason: killed: Chunee was hit by 152 musket balls, but refused to die. Chunee was finished off by a keeper with a harpoon or sword
Exeter Exchange menagerie 1811-07-00
2 † ♀ EM - unknown
dead: Born Dead: , ? yrs Reason: unknown:
Sultan Muizz ud-Din of Sulu 1750
3 † ♂ EM - unknown name
dead: Born wild Dead: 1720, ? yrs Reason: disease: fever? wrong food, ignorance of the keepers 1720-00-00
Private owner in West Smithfield 1720
4 † ♂ EM - Wilkins elephant
dead: Born wild Dead: 1681-07-17, ? yrs Reason: accident: Cage took fire, and elephant was burnt alive.
Mr Wilkins 16XX?
5 † ♂ EM - Berkeleys elephant
dead: Born wild Dead: , ? yrs Reason: unknown: 1675-00-00
United kingdom private owner 1675-07-03

Source for the list of elephants relocated, previously living at English East India Company

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