Present living elephants at Bandipur National Park in India

No recorded present living elephants
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2020-09-20Tiger preys on young elephant in bandipur - Elephant News
2020-09-191,600 elephants in bandipur, finds internal survey - Elephant News
2019-08-29Do india’s elephants really need birth control? - Elephant News
Nine jumbos travel 2700 km along with 16 mahouts to reach corbett from karnataka - Elephant News
2012-03-04Why relocating badly behaved wild elephants doesn’t work - Elephant News
Tiger kills elephant calves - Elephant News
Rise in elephant population at bandipur tiger reserve - Elephant News
2011-03-12Bandipur elephant census - Elephant News
Killer elephant tramples one more in bangalore - Elephant News
2010-11-06Will they number more than 5,000? - Elephant News

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