Deceased elephants at Mysore Zoo in India

This database list 10 dead elephants

Nr Sex Species Name Id Status Arrival locationImport
1+ ♂ EM unknown < 1 Born: wild 2007-06-00 x Dead:>2007-07-07, unknown 2007-07-07 Dubare forest
2+ ⚪ EM Vedavathi DCEMK id: 00 < 1 Born: wild 2020 x Dead:2020-12-13, disease infection2019-06-00 Biligirirangana Hills
3+ ♂ LA Timbo Local id: 1 DCEMK id: 100 46Born: wild 1970? x Dead:2016-05-24 (40 years after arrival), unknown chronic arthritis1976-00-00
4+ ♀ LA Zambi (Jambi) 44Born: wild 1965 x Dead:2009-03-09 (33 years after arrival), disease infection from injury; arthritis, after falling in dry moat1976-00-00
5+ ♀ EM Komala 8Born: captive-born 1996Gajalaxmi x Jayaprakash Dead:2004-10-08 (8 years after arrival), killed foul play; poisoning1996-00-00
6+ ♀ EM Roopa (Rupa) 14Born: wild 1990 x Dead:2004-09, killed poisoned
7+ ♂ EM Ganesha (Swethavarna) 14Born: wild x Dead:2000-06-00 (49 years after arrival), age arthritis1951-00-00 Jayachamaraja Wadiyar Bahadur
8+ ⚪ EM stillborn < 1 14Born: captive-born 1970-00-00 x unknown Dead:1970-00-00, stillborn Caesarean section1970-00-00
9+ ♀ EM unknown 14Born: wild x Dead:1970, maternal death
10+ ⚪ EM unknown 14Born: wild 2007 x Dead:, disease dysentery2007-08-21 Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary

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Facts about Deceased elephants at Mysore Zoo in India, Elephant Encyclopedia, Koehl, D. (2021), available online retrieved 19 August 2022 at (archived at the Wayback machine)

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Latest updateName of elephantSource (if it is a website, the target website will open in new window)
2020-12-15 Vedavathi:•
2018-10-01 Ganesha (Swethavarna):• Dan Koehl
2017-02-26 Timbo:• African Elephant Dies in Zoo, 2009-03-10
2011-11-08 Zambi (Jambi):• Ryan Easley, USA
• African Elephant Dies in Zoo, 2009-03-10
2011-04-09 Roopa (Rupa):•
2009-09-09 stillborn:• Elefanter i Köpenhavns Zoologisk Haave siden 1878, by Henning, Copenhagen, Denmark
• DVM Erik Eriksson, Copenhagen, Denmark
• Krishne Gowdah, 1972

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