Captive born elephants at Leipzig Zoo in Germany

Nr Sex Species Name Id Birth Death date ParentsArrival Location
1 ♂ EM Kiran > EEP id: 202001 < 1 2020-01-112021-06-18Voi Nam x Rani 2020-01-11 Leipzig Zoo
2 ♂ EM Ben Long > EEP id: 201902 < 1 2019-01-252019-09-30Naing Thein x Hoa 2019-01-25 Leipzig Zoo
3 ⚪ EM aborted > EEP id: 2018xx < 1 2018-03-002018-03-00Naing Thein x Thura 2018-03-00 Leipzig Zoo
4 ⚪ EM miscarriage > EEP id: 2016xx? < 1 2016-01-282016-01-28Gajendra x Thura 2016-01-28 Leipzig Zoo
5 ♀ EM Russelchen > EEP id: 201502 < 1 2015-03-252015-03-31Naing Thein x Hoa 2015-03-25 Leipzig Zoo
6 ♂ EM noname > EEP id: 201203 < 1 2012-04-092012-04-09Naing Thein x Hoa 2012-04-09 Leipzig Zoo
7 ♂ EM Voi Nam > EEP id: 200203 202002-04-05Mekong x Trinh 2015-05-12 Leipzig Zoo
8 ♂ EM August > EEP id: 3602 171936-08-081953-07-31Jacky x Nelly II (Baby) 1946-09-18 Munich Zoo
9 ♀ EM Maja > EEP id: 3402 311934-05-011965-09-13Jacky x Benga 1953-01-01 Kharkiv Zoo (Kharkov Zoo)

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