Bankura forest in India

Bankura forest

Address Pranabananda Sarani, Pranabananda Pally, kenduadihi
Zip-code 722101
Place Bankura
StateWest Bengal
Country India
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Bankura forest, located at Pranabananda Sarani, Pranabananda Pally, kenduadihi, in Bankura, West Bengal, India .

Comments / picturesBankura Forest is a protected forest in Bengal, India. Officers from the Indian Forest Service and state service who have been posted to the district control the administration and provide people-centric services from the headquarters at Bankura. The total forest area of Bankura District, which comprises three divisions, Bankura (North) Division, Bankura (South) Division and Panchet Division, is about 1463.56 km2, covering 21.27% percent of the total land area of the district.

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