Jack Badal in United States

Jack Badal
First elephant arrived1966
Last elephant left1969
CountryUnited States
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Jack Badal, United States and the first elephant arrived in 1966. The last elephant left in 1969.

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"Jack Badal dedicated more than half a life time training wild animals. Jack never got credit for much of his training skills from the circus community as most of his training was done in zoos where he worked in the beginning of his career. The Brookfield Zoo and the Los Angeles Zoo is where he excelled in his unique way of training. He has handled or trained just about every wild animal within the confines of any major zoo. My friend Jack is retired and lives in southern California with his wife Helen. His big job now is handling the grandkids.

It made no difference where the origin of the elephants came from…. Asia or Africa, Jack could handle them. In the early 1960′s Jack bought a baby elephant from Louie Goebel and built his own act. His little elephant Anna was well trained. Jack and Anna worked with most of the California circuses , as it was difficult for him to go too far from his job at the Los Angles Zoo where he was the head trainer." //Ivan Henry, The Circus Blog

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