Captive born elephants at Toronto Zoo in Canada

Nr Sex Species Name Id Age Birth Death date ParentsArrival Location
1 ♀ LA T.W. > SSP id: 411 1984-09-131984-09-15Tantor x Tessa 1984-09-13 Toronto Zoo
2 ♀ LA Toronto > SSP id: 409 1984-06-281994-07-05Tantor x Toka 1984-06-28 Toronto Zoo
3 ♀ LA Tumpe > SSP id: 405 1983-08-252009-03-17Tantor x Tequila 2007-10-18 Disneys Animal Kingdom
4 ♀ LA Thika > SSP id: 387 1980-10-18Tantor x Tequila 2013-10-21 Performing Animal Welfare Society / ARK 2000 (PAWS)

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