Captive born elephants at Melbourne Zoo in Australia

Nr Sex Species Name Id Age Birth Death date ParentsArrival Location
1 ♀ EM Kati > ASMP id: 83? (unconfirmed) 2023-01-01Luk Chai x Num-Oi 2023-01-01 Melbourne Zoo
2 ♂ EM Roi-Yim > ASMP id: 82? (unconfirmed) 2022-11-25Luk Chai x Mali 2022-11-25 Melbourne Zoo
3 ♀ EM Aiyara > ASMP id: 81? (unconfirmed) 2022-11-16Luk Chai x Dokkoon 2022-11-16 Melbourne Zoo
4 ♀ EM Willow > ASMP id: 77? (unconfirmed) 2016-06-152016-08-02Putra Mas x Num-Oi 2016-06-15 Melbourne Zoo
5 ♂ EM Man Jai > ASMP id: 76? (unconfirmed) 2013-12-082023-08-24Bong Su x Dokkoon 2013-12-08 Melbourne Zoo
6 ♂ EM Sanook > ASMP id: 75? (unconfirmed) 2013-01-172013-12-03Bong Su x Num-Oi 2013-01-17 Melbourne Zoo
7 ♂ EM Ongard > Local id: B00566 ASMP id: 72 SSP id: 00 2010-09-10Bong Su x Kulab 2018-05-09 Zoo Miami (Miami Metro Zoo)
8 ♀ EM Mali > Local id: B00002 ASMP id: 70 2010-01-16Bong Su x Dokkoon 2010-01-15 Melbourne Zoo

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Facts about Captive born elephants at Melbourne Zoo in Australia, Elephant Encyclopedia, Koehl, D. (2024), available online retrieved 12 June 2024 at (archived at the Wayback machine)

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Latest updateName of elephantSource (if it is a website, the target website will open in new window)
2023-08-24 Man Jai:•
2018-08-01 Sanook:• Josh Gillis
2018-08-01 Willow:•
2018-05-09 Ongard:• Taxon Report for Elephas maximus, by Sjoukje Vaartjes, Animal Records Officer, Melbourne Zoo
2012-11-14 Roi-Yim:•
2012-11-14 Aiyara:•
2012-03-13 Mali:• Taxon Report for Elephas maximus, by Sjoukje Vaartjes, Animal Records Officer, Melbourne Zoo.
•  Ryan Easley, USA
2010-10-04 Kati:•

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