George´s Pet Shop (George Flemming) in United States

George´s Pet Shop (George Flemming)
Closed down1981
Address5387 Annapolis Rd.
RegionPrince Georges County, Maryland
CountryUnited States
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George´s Pet Shop (George Flemming), located at 5387 Annapolis Rd., in Bladensburg, in United States. George´s Pet Shop (George Flemming) closed down in 1981.

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George actually owned two over the years, baby Asian elephants that he purchased to rent out for political rallies, although a 1966 story in The Post said George was willing to part with his 4-month-old elephant from Thailand, for $5,000 to $6,000.

One of the elephants was eventually sold to a traveling petting zoo called Jet’s. One was rented to a Republican convention where, it caught a cold.

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