All elephants at Ramat Gan Zoo in Israel

Here comes soon a history of Ramat Gan Zoo and all its elephants which you may be able to download and print as a small book

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2013-10-05Ramat gan safari’s 25-year-old elephant la petite, already a grandmother, has another girl of her own - Elephant News
2013-08-067 yr-old asiatic elephant la belle gives birth to a female calf. the breed is an endangered one. (ramat gan inbreeding again, calf sired by mothers father motek) - Elephant News
2007-04-18Asian elephant bull alexander relocated from rotterdam zoo netherlands, to antwerp zoo, belgium. - Elephant News
2007-04-09Videofilm: yossi kills atari in ramat-gan safari - Elephant News
2007-04-04Murder in the ramat gan elephant yard. worlds largest captive elephant, living in an israeli zoo, attacks and kills herd's female leader, leaving staff shocked by his behavior - Elephant News

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