Present living elephants at Pattaya Elephant Village in Thailand

This database list 25 elephants

Nr Sex Species Name Id Origin Age Arrival from location
1 ♀ EM Boon Pium
Born at
2 ♀ EM Boon Par
Born unknown at
3 ♀ EM Noy Na
Born unknown at
4 ♀ EM Boon Khum
Born unknown at
5 ♀ EM Boon Mak
Born unknown at
6 ♀ EM Boon Lai
Born unknown at
7 ♀ EM Boon Ruam
Born unknown at
8 ♀ EM Boon Man
Born unknown at
9 ♀ EM Somboon 1
Born unknown at
10 ♀ EM Bua Kaew
Born unknown at
11 ♀ EM Thong Sook
Born unknown at
12 ♀ EM Boon Luae
Born unknown at
13 ♀ EM Som Boon 2
Born unknown at
14 ♀ EM Som Jit
Born unknown at
15 ♀ EM Koon Sap
Born unknown at
16 ♀ EM Boon Sri
Born unknown at
17 ♀ EM Mook
Born unknown at
18 ♀ EM Boon Term
Born unknown at
19 ♂ EM Chit
Born at
20 ♂ EM Kham Moon
Born at
21 ♀ EM Rasamee
Born at Unknown Pu Jay Mau Sabmak
22 ♀ EM Boon Thong
Born unknown at Unknown
23 ♀ EM Thong Dee
Born unknown at Unknown
24 ♀ EM Birdie
Born 1997 at Unknown , 26 yrs Ya Sukhree
25 ♂ EM Samson
Born captive-born 2018-03-17 by Num Sek x Rasamee at Pattaya Elephant Village , 5 yrs2018-03-17

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Facts about present living elephants at Pattaya Elephant Village in Thailand at Pattaya Elephant Village in Thailand, Elephant Encyclopedia, Koehl, D. (2023), available online retrieved 8 December 2023 at (archived at the Wayback machine)

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Latest updateName of elephantSource (if it is a website, the target website will open in new window)
2020-05-18 Samson:•
2018-04-02 Rasamee:• Pu Jay Mau Sabmak, 2011.
2018-03-03 Boon Thong:• Pattaya Elephant Village
2018-03-03 Thong Dee:• Pattaya Elephant Village
2013-03-25 Birdie:•
2011-12-04 Chit:• Pattaya Elephant Village
2011-12-04 Kham Moon:• Pattaya Elephant Village
2011-12-04 Boon Pium:• Pattaya Elephant Village
2011-12-04 Boon Par:• Pattaya Elephant Village
2011-12-04 Noy Na:• Pattaya Elephant Village
2011-12-04 Boon Khum:• Pattaya Elephant Village
2011-12-04 Boon Mak:• Pattaya Elephant Village
2011-12-04 Boon Lai:• Pattaya Elephant Village
2011-12-04 Boon Ruam:• Pattaya Elephant Village
2011-12-04 Boon Man:• Pattaya Elephant Village
2011-12-04 Somboon 1:• Pattaya Elephant Village
2011-12-04 Bua Kaew:• Pattaya Elephant Village
2011-12-04 Thong Sook:• Pattaya Elephant Village
2011-12-04 Boon Luae:• Pattaya Elephant Village
2011-12-04 Som Boon 2:• Pattaya Elephant Village
2011-12-04 Som Jit:• Pattaya Elephant Village
2011-12-04 Koon Sap:• Pattaya Elephant Village
2011-12-04 Boon Sri:• Pattaya Elephant Village
2011-12-04 Mook:• Pattaya Elephant Village
2011-12-04 Boon Term:• Pattaya Elephant Village

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