Amsterdam Artis Zoo in Netherlands

Amsterdam Artis Zoo
Local name Natura Artis Magistra

Owner1939: City of Amsterdam
First elephant arrived1839
Address Plantage Kerklaan 38-40
Zip-code 1018 CZ
Place Amsterdam
Province Noord-Holland
Country Netherlands
Website Website
Telephone+31 20 5233 670

DirectorsCornelis van Aken

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Head keepers
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Elephant keepers
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History of updates2023-05-21

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Amsterdam Artis Zoo, located at Plantage Kerklaan 38-40, in Amsterdam, Netherlands , was founded in 1835 and the first elephant arrived in 1839.

Living elephants

At the Amsterdam Artis Zoo lives 5 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Sanuk born 2016-10-16
  2. Sibu born 2004-02-21
  3. Thong Tai born 1989-04-14
  4. Vinh born 2020-05-04
  5. Yindee born 2005-08-02

Comments / picturesThe Zoo was founded in 1838 by Gerard Westerman. The first animals were bought from Cornelis van Aken, who also stayed in Artis and took care of the animals. The last quagga in captivity died at Artis on 12 August 1883.

Amsterdam Artis Zoo in Netherlands Netherlands

Newsarticle from Goessche_Courant 1907.

Amsterdam Artis Zoo in Netherlands NetherlandsAsian elephant, 1918

Amsterdam Artis Zoo in Netherlands NetherlandsPhoto: Gertjan Siet 2021

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