Whipsnade Wild Animal Park in United Kingdom

Whipsnade Wild Animal Park

Place Dunstable
District Bedfordshire
Country United Kingdom
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Elephant department

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Elephant keepers -: Elizabeth Becker Callaghan
-: Jedd Cullinan
-: Mark Howes
2005-2011: Glenn Sullivan
2005-2012: Rob Conachie
2021-: Samantha Bullock
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Whipsnade Wild Animal Park, in Dunstable, United Kingdom .

Living elephants

At the Whipsnade Wild Animal Park lives 7 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Elizabeth born 2016-06-10
  2. Geetha born 2009-07-23
  3. Karishma born 1998-08-27
  4. Kaylee born 1982-07-20
  5. Lucha (Khaing Hwia See) born 1982-05-24
  6. Ming Jung born 2007-04-16
  7. Nang Phaya born 2022-08-22

Comments / picturesThe elephants have a 6 acre enclosure which includes a mud wallow, scratching posts, water hole and a tyre attached to a tree.

At 7am the elephants are fed and up until 10am they are washed and scrubbed. They are then released into the outside enclosure until 1:45pm when the females are taken to a demonstration. After the demonstration the females are taken for a walk round the park and set free onto Dunstable downs.

This provides Enrichment for them.

They are then returened for training at 3pm. The male and females are then taken in for the night and fed at 5pm.

Anna has a problem with her front left leg which means she swings it when she walks.

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Sources used for this article is among others:

  • Naomi Barlow, Zoology student in Whipsnade, 10th Sept 99.

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