Howletts Wild Animal Park in United Kingdom

Howletts Wild Animal Park

Owner 1984-2005: Mike Lockyer
Address Bekesbourne Road, Bekesbourne
Zip-code CT4 5EL
Place Hythe, Kent
Country United Kingdom
Website Website

Directors: Neil Spooner (assistant director)

Key People 2019-12-2022-12: Oscar Gallon (zookeeper)


Elephant department

Head keepers
of elephants
-2012: David Magner
(elephant head-keeper)

Elephant keepers
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Howletts Wild Animal Park, located at Bekesbourne Road, Bekesbourne, in Hythe, Kent, United Kingdom .

Living elephants

At the Howletts Wild Animal Park lives 13 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Etana born 2008-12-13
  2. Impi (Impy) born 2011-06-05
  3. Jama born 2006-07-17
  4. Jara born 2005-04-27
  5. Juluka born 2011-02-15
  6. Manzi (Nelly?) born 2010-05-18
  7. Mchumba (twin) born 2011-01-24
  8. Mirembe born 2014-06-07
  9. Nguvu born 2020-03-07
  10. Nusu born 2018-09-10
  11. Oku born 2019-12-02
  12. Tammi (Tami) born 1987-04-04
  13. Uzuri born 2008-02-17

Comments / picturesElephants were now and then transfered between Port Lympne and Howletts.

The parks have been dogged by controversy after five zookeepers were killed in 20 years, three of them mauled to death by tigers. In 1984 a keeper was crushed to death by an Indian bull elephant in Port Lympne. The most recent victim was Darren Cockrill, 27, who was crushed by elephant La Petite in its enclosure at Port Lympne in February 2000

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