Deceased elephants at Howletts Wild Animal Park in United Kingdom

This database list 16 dead elephants

Nr Sex Species Name Id Status Arrival locationImport
1+ ♂ LA stillborn? EEP id: 202001 < 1 Born: captive-born 2020-02-12Jara x Coco Dead:2020-02-12?, stillborn assumed stillbirth?2020-02-12
2+ ♀ LA Masa EEP id: 6910 50Born: wild 1969-12-01 x Dead:2019-09-04 (47 years after arrival), euthanised 1972-01-01
3+ ♀ LA Shibi EEP id: 7703 41Born: wild 1977-01-01 x Dead:2018-05-00 (38 years after arrival), euthanised 1980-01-01 1980
4+ ♀ LA Stuvite (Stavit) EEP id: 8706 26Born: captive-born 1987-10-11Yossi x Aviva Dead:2013-04-10 (25 years after arrival), euthanised collapsed after being treated for an infection to one of her back legs.1988-10-01 Ramat Gan Zoo
5+ ♀ LA Swana EEP id: 8502 28Born: captive-born 1985-07-02Bwana x Masa Dead:2013-04-02 (28 years after arrival), euthanised after attack from another cow1985-07-02
6+ ♀ LA Umna EEP id: 9703 14Born: captive-born 1997-07-18Jums x Swana Dead:2011-07-05 (14 years after arrival), unknown 1997-07-18
7+ ♀ LA unknown < 1 14Born: captive-born 2011-01-29Jums x Tammi (Tami) Dead:2011-03-01, rejected from mother2011-01-29
8+ ♂ LA twin (stillborn) < 1 14Born: captive-born 2011-01-25Jums x Masa Dead:2011-01-25, stillborn 2011-01-25
9+ ♀ LA Jumas (Justa) EEP id: 9803 12Born: captive-born 1998-10-25Jums x Stuvite (Stavit) Dead:2010-10-09 (12 years after arrival), unknown 1998-10-25
10+ ♀ LA noname < 1 12Born: captive-born 2009-06-21 x Umna Dead:2009-06-28, 2009-06-21
11+ ♀ LA Belah EEP id: 6909 32Born: wild 1971 x Dead:2003-10-00 (31 years after arrival), unknown 1972-00-00
12+ ♂ LA Jas (Jashu) EEP id: 6404 29Born: wild 1963-01-00 x Dead:1992-04-23 (4 years after arrival), disease heart attack1988-10-29 Katowice Zoo
13+ ♀ LA Rosey EEP id: 7304 17Born: wild 1973 x Dead:1990-09-07 (3 years after arrival), unknown 1987-08-11
14+ ♂ LA Toto EEP id: 6806 20Born: wild 1969 x Dead:1989-12-20 (20 years after arrival), disease sepsis1969-10-00
15+ ♀ LA Sabi EEP id: 8215 7Born: captive-born 1982-05-25Bwana x Masa Dead:1989-09-29 (7 years after arrival), disease intestinal problems1982-05-25
16+ ♂ LA Bwana EEP id: 6801 17Born: wild 1968 x Dead:1985-03-27 (14 years after arrival), euthanised arthritis1971-00-00

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Latest updateName of elephantSource (if it is a website, the target website will open in new window)
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2009-11-22 Rosey:• Peter Stolk, Netherlands
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