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Macomber and Co.
Closed down1830
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Macomber and Co., in United States, was founded in 1829. Macomber and Co. closed down in 1830.

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Zebedee Macomber, whom we first mentioned in (11), was one of the leading menagerie impresarios of the nineteenth century. He not only operated animal shows, but was involved in importing directly from Africa, and went there himself on at least two occasions to bring back large groups of animals and birds.

His 1829 caravan, the first to be titled with his own name, exhibited the following: elephant, African lion, female leopari and three cubs, polar bear, jaguar, tiger, hyena; to which he added the New England Caravan, en route, a menagerie of which we have no record.

The elephant was an eighteen-month old calf which was later given the name Timour. It apparently belonged to Jesse Kelley and was leased to Macomber.

In 1830, the title was changed to Macomber & Howe, when Epenetus Howe joined the firm, but it was back to Macomber & Co. by May. In October, either Ezra or Harvey Birchard, or both, invested in the company and it became Macomber & Birchard.

1835: In 1835, all US menageries became part of The Zoological Institute.

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