Sands, Nathans & Co in United States

Sands, Nathans & Co
Local name Sands and Nathans

Owner 1855-1859: Richard Sands
1855-1859: John J. Nathans
Closed down1859
Country United States


Key People 1857-1857: Ferdinand Tourniaire (animal trainer)


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of elephants

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Sands, Nathans & Co, United States , was founded in 1855. Sands, Nathans & Co closed down in 1859.

Comments / picturesCombined Richard Sands & John J. Nathans show, according to Directory of American circuses 1855 to 1861.

Records about Sands, Nathans & Co from the Circus Historical Society
Then, in 1855, John J. Nathans and Richard Sands formed a partnership that was to last for five years. Sands, Nathans & Co. was one of the more successful shows on the road from 1855 through 1859.

The Sands, Nathans & Co. elephants were named Albert, Victoria. Anthony and Cleopatra; Victoria was not the original of that name. In 1856 Sands and Nathans had imported Albert and Victoria from England where they had been the property of William Cooke and the animal stars of Batty’s Circus.

Albert had been trained to climb a fifteen-foot ramp, at the top of which he did a headstand. The two bulls were exhibited on various circuses for several years and in 1859 or 1860 were leased to John Wilson, the California showman. Victoria died in June, 1860, during this lease. Anthony and Cleopatra were imported by the partners in 1857, no doubt because Albert and Victoria had been so popular. Anthony died in Belfast, Maine, on July 24, 1866.

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