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Koshi Tappu Hattisar (KTWR) in Nepal

Koshi Tappu Hattisar (KTWR)

Address Koshi Tappu Wildlife Camp
Place Rajbiraj
Province Province No. 2
Region Terai, southeastern Nepal
Country Nepal


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Koshi Tappu Hattisar (KTWR), located at Koshi Tappu Wildlife Camp, in Rajbiraj, Nepal .

Living elephants

At the Koshi Tappu Hattisar (KTWR) lives 15 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Aishwarya Kali
  2. Damak Kali
  3. Dipendra Kali
  4. Gyanendra Prasad born 1981
  5. Kusaha Kali born 2019
  6. Loktantra Kali born 2006-11-26
  7. Manju Kali
  8. Nirajan Prasad born 1981
  9. Rup Kali
  10. Saraswati Kali born 2003?
  11. Shova Kali
  12. Tribhuvan Kali
  13. unknown born 2019-11-13
  14. unknown
  15. Unnamed born 2022-08-28

Comments / picturesKoshi Tappu is located east of Chitwan National Park.

Of the 10 captive elephants for this reserve for protection and tourism activities, 5 elephants are in KTWR and 5 are kept in CNP on deputation.


Many of the births at Koshi Tappu elephant camp have come from Ganesha, a domesticated bull released into the wild upon his owners death, regularly visiting the camp, he had sired seven calves as of 1988.

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