Sauraha elephant breeding centre in Nepal

Sauraha elephant breeding centre

Local name Khorsor hattisar, RCNP

Owner1986-now: Department of National Parks and Wildlife
Conservation (DNPWC).
First elephant arrived1985
Opened for public1989
Address Khorsor, Baadreni Road Royal Chitwan NP
Zip-code 44204
Place Bharatpur
District Chitwan District
Country Nepal

DirectorsBudhan Chaudhary

Key People


Elephant department

Head keepers
of elephants
Bhagu Subba
Rameshwor Chaudhary

Elephant keepers 1995: Dhan Tamang
Record history
History of updates2023-09-11

Latest document update2023-09-11 11:57:34
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Sauraha elephant breeding centre, located at Khorsor, Baadreni Road Royal Chitwan NP, in Bharatpur, Nepal , was founded in 1985, opened for public in 1989 and the first elephant arrived in 1985.

Living elephants

At the Sauraha elephant breeding centre lives 44 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Aiswary Mala
  2. Amaltari Gaj born 2008-02-21
  3. Ambe Kali born 2016-01-03
  4. Bahadur Gaja born 1994
  5. Bhawani Kali
  6. Chamcham Kali born 2014-11-09
  7. Devi Kali
  8. Himani Kali born 2001-06-18
  9. Karnali Kali born 1998
  10. Kasara Gaj born 2012-04-13
  11. Khorsor Gaj born 2015-12-19
  12. Komal Kali
  13. Koshi Kali
  14. Krishna Prasad born 2004-08-07
  15. KrishnaChandra Gaj born 2016-05-19
  16. Kush Prasad born 2004-09-30
  17. Lucky Gaj born 2014-09-11
  18. Madi Gaj born 2011-12-14
  19. Narayani Kali born 2000
  20. Poonam kali
  21. Prerana Kali born 1986
  22. Ram Gaja born 1987
  23. Rambha Kali
  24. Rampyari Kali
  25. Rapti Kali born 1998
  26. Rimjhim Kali born 2016-03-21
  27. Rupa Kali
  28. Sarasoti Kali born 2005-03-21
  29. Saraswati Kali
  30. Sashi Kali
  31. Sauraha Gaj born 2012-03-22
  32. Shamsher Kali
  33. Sher Prasad born 2004-09-28
  34. Shruti Khali born 1976
  35. Simsar Kali born 2009-05-15
  36. Simsim Kali born 2013-05-29
  37. Sitashma Kali
  38. Sobhaka
  39. Someshwor Gaj born 2013-03-06
  40. Tec Gaj born 2013-05-19
  41. unknown born 2019-09-23
  42. unknown
  43. Unnamed born 2022-08-28
  44. Vikram Prasad born 2002-04-07

Comments / pictures1985: As a result of the recommendations contained in the Task Force Report (1985), an elephant breeding center was established at Khorsor in RCNP in1986. Founded as KMTNC Hattisar, short for King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation, Koshor Hattisar is located 5 km west from Sauraha.

1985: In the initial stage 20 elephants were received from India, Thailand and Myanmar to start the breeding center: 1. Airawat, 2. Lambodar, 3. Binayek, 4. Bhairab, 5. Bhawanikali, 6. Bhagwatikali, 7. Menakakali, 8. Sashikali, 9. Mangolakali, 10. Indrakali, 11. Devikali, 12. Gaurikali, 13. Parwatikali, 14. Sitasmakali, 15.Rambhakali, and 16. Sobhaka were imported from India, 17. Birendra, 18. Dhirendra from Myanmar, and 19. Shrutikali, 20. Aiswarymala from Thailand. (Ministry of Forests and Environment, 2018)

1985: Other sources claim; the elephant breeding center began with 22 elephants (16 from India, four from Thailand and two from Myanmar) (Kharel, 2000)

2001: This centre had 5 Stud Bulls and 15 females and 6 babies (totaling 26) in 2001.

2003: Twenty elephants have been placed at EBC for breeding purposes. Nineteen calves have been reproduced at EBC and survival rate was found to be 59.6 percent. Since the startup, 4 elephant keepers were killed by elephants; RamPrasad Chaudhary, Guri LalChaudhary, Dhan B. Tamang and Amrit Kurmi. (Yadav 2003)

2018: Since its establishment, 45 elephant calves have been produced at EBC. Among them, 25 are male (M) and 20 are female (F). A total of 65 staff Darbandi is approved from the Government of Nepal including a Senior Veterinary Doctor, a Veterinary Doctor, a Gazetted Subba, a Raut, 20 Phanit, 20 Mahout and 20 Pachuwa. (Ministry of Forests and Environment, 2018)

2021: The names of six elephants in Chitwan National Park have been matched with the names of members of the former royal family members. These names are Komal Kali, Aishwarya Mala, Dhirendra Kali, Himani Kali, and Prerana Kali. The name of an elephant brought from Koshitappu Wildlife Reserve to Chitwan National Park temporarily is Paras Kali.

2022-03-04: 24 elephants including 13 calves are at the Centre.

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