Sir Robert Fossetts Circus in United Kingdom

Sir Robert Fossetts Circus
Closed down1992
CountryUnited Kingdom
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Sir Robert Fossetts Circus, located at Tiffield, in Northampton, United Kingdom. Sir Robert Fossetts Circus closed down in 1992 in Northampton, .

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The Fosset circus forked into three circuses: Sir Robert Fossets circus in UK, and his brother Ted Fosset in Ireland, and their second cousin Tom Fossets circus in UK.

Robert III Fosset had children: Robert IV Fosset, Bailey Fosset and Mary Fosset.
1959: Robert IV Fosset died of an heart attack.
1959: His brother and sister, Bailey Fosset and Mary Fosset, took over the circus.
1974-1979: They had the main troupe of six that were trained by Julius Hani, Dum Dum, Sara, Emma, Bindula, Mahala and Minnie, also Tina who was later hired out to Clubb Chipperfield and later Circus Fiesta, Bobby, a young bull elephant who for a while did an act with a young African elephant and spotted horse.Tarzan, Zoo chat
1992: Mr. Bailey Fossett, who had for many years ran the circus with his late sister Mary, died in March and this was to be the last year that this show travelled.

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