Deceased elephants at Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES) in United States

This database list 18 dead elephants

Nr Sex Species Name Id Status Arrival locationImport
1+ ♀ EM Shirley SSP id: 525 73Born: wild 1948 x Dead:2021-02-14 (22 years after arrival), age 1999-07-06 Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo
2+ ♀ EM Winkie II (Winky) SSP id: 123 51Born: wild 1966 x Dead:2017-05-17 (17 years after arrival), euthanised 2000-09-12 Henry Vilas Zoo
3+ ♀ LA Hadari SSP id: 482 37Born: wild 1980 x Dead:2017-01-02 (2 years after arrival), cardiac arrest2015-09-24 Nashville Zoo1981
4+ ♀ LA Rosie (Rosy) SSP id: 71 47Born: wild 1969 x Dead:2016-12-31, euthanised collapsed and could not rise2015-09-00 Nashville Zoo1971
5+ ♀ EM Misty SSP id: 295 52Born: wild 1964 x Dead:2016-04-13 (12 years after arrival), euthanised 2004-11-17 Hawthorn Corporation1967
6+ ♀ EM Liz SSP id: 292 58Born: wild 1957 x Dead:2015-08-20 (9 years after arrival), unknown 2006-02-02 Hawthorn Corporation
7+ ♀ EM Frieda (Freida, Taffy) SSP id: 407 49Born: wild 1966 x Dead:2015-03-09 (9 years after arrival), unknown 2006-02-09 Hawthorn Corporation
8+ ♀ EM Dulary SSP id: 175 50Born: wild 1963 x Dead:2013-12-23 (6 years after arrival), unknown 2007-04-30 Philadelphia Zoo
9+ ♀ EM Lottie SSP id: 505 47Born: 1963 x Dead:2010-10-10 (4 years after arrival), unknown 2006-01-31 Hawthorn Corporation
10+ ♂ EM Ned (Indy, India) SSP id: 275 22Born: captive-born 1987-10-10Vance (Matt) x Josky (Patne) Dead:2009-05-15, unknown 2008-11-09 Lance Ramos (Lancelot Kollman)
11+ ♀ EM Bunny SSP id: 161 56Born: wild 1953 x Dead:2009-05-14 (10 years after arrival), age 1999-09-29 Mesker Park Zoo
12+ ♀ LA Zulu (Zula) SSP id: 159 34Born: wild 1975 x Dead:2009-01-10 (5 years after arrival), unknown collapsed after entering the barn for the evening2004-02-19 Chehaw Wild Animal Park
13+ ♀ EM Queenie SSP id: 293 49Born: wild 1959 x Dead:2008-03-29 (2 years after arrival), age 2006-02-02 Hawthorn Corporation
14+ ♀ EM Delhi SSP id: 285 72Born: wild 1936 x Dead:2008-03-11 (5 years after arrival), age 2003-11-23 Hawthorn Corporation
15+ ♀ EM Jenny SSP id: 408 34Born: wild 1972 x Dead:2006-10-17 (10 years after arrival), disease foot problems1996-09-11 Betty Honn1973
16+ ♀ EM Lota SSP id: 162 53Born: wild 1952 x Dead:2005-02-10, disease tuberculosis2004-11-17 Hawthorn Corporation
17+ ♀ EM Tina SSP id: 57 34Born: captive-born 1970-04-26Thonglaw x Rosy Dead:2004-07-21, disease heart problems2003-08-11 Vancouver Zoo (Vancouver Game Farm)
18+ ♀ EM Barbara (Sheva) SSP id: 253 35Born: wild 1966 x Dead:2001-05-18 (5 years after arrival), disease pulmonary infection caused by Streptococcus agalactiae1996-04-25 Roman Schmitt Busch Garden

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