Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen) in Germany

Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)

First elephant arrived1902
Opened for public1907

Directors1907-1912: Carl Hagenbeck
1913-1956: Heinrich Hagenbeck
1956-1977: Carl-Heinrich Hagenbeck.
1956-1982: Dietrich Hagenbeck
1977- : Carl Claus Hagenbeck
1982-1988: Caroline Hagenbeck
1988-2019: Joachim Weinlig-Hagenbeck

Head keepers
of elephants
?-1921: Wilhelm Philadelphia
Fritz Theisinger
Karl Kock
Thorsten Köhrmann
Marius Kienzle
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1902: Carl Hagenbeck. bought new land in Stellingen, where he started to develop his new Zoo. Most animals were moved here from his old zoo Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Neupferdemarkt).
1904: Carl Hagenbeck had 43 elephants in Stellingen.
1907: The new Zoo was opened for visitors, with a new ambition to show the animals in surroundings that looked like the their natural environment.
1908: 13 elephants. (page 251, Beasts and Men)
1911: elephant keeper Matthias Walter mentioned, he later (1915?) brought elephant Jenny to war service.
1913-04-13: Carl Hagenbeck dies.

1913: Carl Hagenbecks son Heinrich Hagenbeck took over the Zoo in Hamburg, and developed Rome and Paris Zoo further, with his brother

1915: Matthias was in the Red Sea on his way home on the s.s. Axenfals when the radio picked up the news of the outbreak of war and this was broadcast from the bridge. Matthias had eleven elephants with him on board. The captain steamed as fast as he could to the as it then was Italian colonial port of Massawa. From there the elephants were taken to Brindisi on an Italian tramper and thence went to Stellingen by rail.

1916: Lorenz Hagenbeck started Carl Hagenbecks Circus in 1916.
During the first world war quite a number of animals survived, among them 4 elephants which were still living in 1916, but after the war the zoo was closed during four years (1920-1924), with almost no animals to show.
1920: The zoo Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark closed, due to the financial situation.
1921: Four elephants arrived from Ringling Brothers Barnum and Baileys circus in USA: Jess, Barnum Queen, Veneda, and Mary.
1922: Jörgen Johannsen, brought the first large contingent of animals in the postwar period of trade from India into the port of Hamburg. Heinrich Hagenbeck was in North America when the herd of ten young elephants arrived. (Animals Are My Life, by Lorenz Hagenbeck) Other sources state 13 elephants arrived from India, but the zoo only opened two days, then the animals were shipped to harbour and exported to U.S.A.
1924: Hagenbecks Tierpark opened again. (Animals Are My Life, by Lorenz Hagenbeck)
1943: The second world war almost destroyed the Zoo. In 24 July, during ally air raids, 3/4 of the Zoo was destroyed in 90 minutes, and 9 men were killed, as well as 450 animals. The worst part of it, however, was the fire, which was now quite beyond control. When the first incendiaries came down on the roof of the elephant house and this burst into flames, our resourceful chief keeper, Fritz Theisinger, quickly loosed his fourteen elephants, which he had kept tethered by only one hind leg, and led them outside. There they could try to avoid the incendiaries which were falling everywhere, and they took refuge in the large pool. Next, aided by the Czech P.O.W.s, he made an attempt to save the house, but at this point the P.O.W.s lost their nerve and ran away. Animals Are My Life, by Lorenz Hagenbeck

Elephants turning over a wrecked car after bombings, Hamburg, 1945.

1945: Shortly after the war, Heinrich Hagenbeck died in cancer, and his son, Carl-Heinrich Hagenbeck took over as director.
2006: The new elephant house was opened.

1907-1913: Carl Hagenbeck (1884-1913).
1913-1945: Heinrich Hagenbeck (-1945)
1945-1956: Carl-Heinrich Hagenbeck.

1956-1977: Carl-Heinrich Hagenbeck.
1956-1982: Dietrich Hagenbeck
1977- : Carl Claus Hagenbeck
1982-1988: Caroline Hagenbeck
1988-: Joachim Weinlig-Hagenbeck

Elephant keepers and trainers:
?-1921: Wilhelm Philadelphia, mentioned 1907 with Topsy, Killed 1921: Rosa, the cow elephant, crushed the trainer Wilhelm Philadelphia to death on the wall of her box at the Sarrasani Circus in 1921
Mentioned 1911-1918, Matthias Walter. in 1918, Walter was badly wounded

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