Radhe Krishna Temple Elephant Welfare Trust (RKTEWT) in India

Radhe Krishna Temple Elephant Welfare Trust (RKTEWT)

OwnerReliance Industries Limited
Opened for public2014
Address Moti Khavdi
Place Jamnagar
Region Gujarat
Country India


Key People -: Kushal Konwar Sarma (consultant)


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Radhe Krishna Temple Elephant Welfare Trust (RKTEWT), located at Moti Khavdi, in Jamnagar, India , was founded in 2013, opened for public in 2014.

Living elephants

At the Radhe Krishna Temple Elephant Welfare Trust (RKTEWT) lives 65 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Ruby born 1964
  2. Ajit born 1995
  3. Anar
  4. Basanti born 1963?
  5. Bijoli
  6. Champa
  7. Chanda
  8. Gajraj
  9. Gemini (Jamini) born 1964
  10. Jonaki born 2007-04-00
  11. Kamno born 2015
  12. Laxmi born 2001
  13. Mangala
  14. Nittya (Nitya) born 1991
  15. Rajeshwari
  16. Rani
  17. Saraswati
  18. Seetha
  19. Shyama
  20. Suman born 2011-09-27
  21. Sushila born 1994
  22. unknown
  23. unknown
  24. unknown
  25. unknown
  26. unknown
  27. unknown
  28. unknown
  29. unknown
  30. unknown
  31. unknown
  32. unknown
  33. unknown
  34. unknown
  35. unknown
  36. unknown
  37. unknown
  38. unknown
  39. unknown
  40. unknown
  41. unknown
  42. unknown
  43. unknown
  44. unknown
  45. unknown
  46. unknown
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  52. unknown
  53. unknown
  54. unknown
  55. unknown
  56. unknown
  57. unknown
  58. unknown
  59. unknown
  60. unknown
  61. unknown born 2020-04-21
  62. unknown
  63. unknown
  64. unknown
  65. Vishwa born 2018-09-30

Comments / picturesThe Radhe Krishna Temple Elephant Welfare Trust (RKTEWT) is a Public Charitable Trust registered under the Gujarat Charitable Trust Act, 1950. The objective of the trust is to promote animal welfare by establishing shelters and providing state of art facilities to animals who are rescued, hurt, ill, of advanced age, victims of human-animal conflict, victims of human abuse or are abandoned.

The RKTEWT facility is spread over 600 acres in the RIL’s Moti Khavdi co-mplex where it has an oil refinery. The RKTEWT, set up in 2013, has been receiving elephants from across the country for their life-long care and upkeep. The RIL is also in the process of developing a mega private zoo near its refinery complex in Moti Khavdi village.

The Trust utilises about 500 acres of man-made Miyawaki forest, which helps in maintaining a lower temperature… the Trust has provided for each elephant a day shelter (with fans, overhead sprinkling and showering systems) and separate night shelter. Each shed is equipped with imported rubber flooring to keep their foot pad safe and comfortable. In addition, the Trust utilises about 100 acres of segregated waterbodies in the form of 10 small water bodies and 9 hydro-therapy pools. The Trust has provided for hydro-therapy pool as most of the Elephants are old and have arthritis

The Trust has received many elephants from donors, such as elephants belonging to circuses, temples and individuals who did not have the financial means to take care of the elephants. Apart from providing care to the elephants, the trust is also providing a better life to the mahouts and their families, who had come along with the elephants.

2021-10-08: Four elephants that belong to the royal family of Mysore will soon be in Gujarat, at the Elephant Rescue Centre in Jamnagagar. The four females, in the age Group of 27-44 years, will be sent to Jamnagar after the Dussehra festival. The elephants — Rajeshwari (27), Gemini (31), Seetha (36) and Ruby (44) — are owned by the Mysore-Wadiyar dynasty. The royal family has six elephants, of which four are being sent to the facility in Jamnagar.

2021-10: In October 2021, two were sent to Gujarat (from Arunachal Pradesh).

2022-04: The forest department confirmed that seven elephants were sent to the temple trust in April, 2022 (from Arunachal Pradesh).

2022-06-10: Ten elephants belonging to private owners in Arunachal Pradesh that were deployed in the timber industry and are now old and ailing will soon find their way to a care centre run by the Radhe Krishna Temple Elephant Welfare Trust (RKTEWT). The 10 elephants — seven males and three females — are set to be transported from Arunachal Pradesh to Gujarat as their owners got assurance from the RKTEWT to accept the pachyderms. With this, the number of elephants at the centre, said to be the biggest such facility for old elephants, will cross 150.

2022: Before december 2022, 29 elephants from circus in India: The circuses that relinquished the elephants include the Ajanta Circus, Empire Circus, Famous Circus, and Kohinoor circuses from Kolkata, Great Apollo Circus from Delhi, Great Golden Circus from Ahmedabad, Great Prabhath Circus from Hyderabad, Moonlight circus from Lakhimpur (Assam), Rambo Circus from Pune (arrived 2016), and Rajmahal Circus from Kanpur.

2023-04-22: Despite opposition from various wildlife organisations and Moran Students’ Union, 20 elephants were transported out of Arunachal Pradesh’s Namsai District on Friday morning. A Supreme Court-appointed High-Powered Committee (HPC) allowed the transfer of elephants to the Radha Krishna Temple Elephant Trust in Jamnagar supported by Reliance Industries Limited.

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