Biratnagar Hattisar (Sunsari hattisar) in Nepal

Biratnagar Hattisar (Sunsari hattisar)

First elephant arrived1978
Opened for public1978
DistrictSunsari District
ProvinceProvince No. 1
RegionOuter Terai
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Biratnagar Hattisar (Sunsari hattisar), located at Biratnagar, in Sunsari, in Nepal, was founded in 1978, opened for public in 1978 and the first elephant arrived in 1978.

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Earlier report: Altogether 10 adults and 4 babies are in Hattisar. Out of these 10 adults, 2 are males. Similarly, out of 4 babies, 2 are males. Fortunately, here is a residential wild elephant called “Makhna”, tuskless male, in the reserve. These babies are supposed to be sired by the wild Makna.

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