Relocated elephants from Indianapolis Zoo in United States

Indianapolis Zoo had previously 7 elephants relocated to new location.

Nr Sex Species Name Id Status Arrival
Present locationImport
1 ♂ LA - Maclean (Mac)
SSP id: 398
PC: Born wild 1982 2005-05-15
Disneys Animal Kingdom
2 † ♀ LA - Affie
SSP id: 86
dead: Born wild 1969 Dead: 2009-05-15, 40 yrs Reason: unknown: 1971-10-13
Brookfield Zoo
3 ♂ LA - Ajani
SSP id: 515
PC: Born captive-born 2000-08-04 2000-08-04
Toledo Zoo
4 † ♀ LA - Cita
SSP id: 79
dead: Born wild 1969 Dead: , ? yrs Reason: killed: during fight with Peggy, she was knocked down and unable to recover 1987-11-20
Zoo Miami (Miami Metro Zoo)
5 ♀ EM - Shell
SSP id: 448
FC: Born wild 1966 1968-00-00
Two Tails Ranch
6 † ♀ EM - Kamla
SSP id: T2063
dead: Born wild 1964-04-01 Dead: , ? yrs Reason: unknown: 1965-03-05
U.S.A. unspecified location
7 † ♀ EM - Tummy (Tumthong)
SSP id: T2046
dead: Born wild 1963-10 Dead: , ? yrs Reason: unknown: 1964-04-25
U.S.A. unspecified location

Source for the list of elephants relocated, previously living at Indianapolis Zoo

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Facts about previously kept elephants, relocated from Indianapolis Zoo in United States, Elephant Encyclopedia, Koehl, D. (2024), available online retrieved 18 April 2024 at (archived at the Wayback machine)

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Latest updateName of elephantSource (if it is a website, the target website will open in new window)
2018-08-08 Shell:•
2018-05-11 Ajani:•
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2016-04-20 Cita:•
Elephants and Egotists by Patricia Sumerling
2009-08-11 Affie:• Susan Hoss, Pachyderm Keeper, Brookfield Zoo
•  Mary Nodulman, Volunteer, Brookfield Zoo
•  Ryan Easley, USA
•  Peter Stolk, Netherlands
•  Richard Chiger
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2008-09-07 Maclean (Mac):• 
Elephants and Egotists by Patricia Sumerling
• Peter Stolk, Netherlands

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