Romanshorn Zoo in Switzerland

Romanshorn Zoo
Areal view of the zoo stables at Kirchstrasse, in 1964.
Areal view of the zoo stables at Kirchstrasse, in 1964.

Owner1964-1975: Karl Künzler
1975-1977: Elsi Künzler
Closed down1977
DistrictArbon District
ProvinceCanton of Thurgau
Regionnortheast Switzerland
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Karl Künzler

Karl Künzler

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Romanshorn Zoo, located at Kirchstrasse, in Romanshorn, Switzerland, was founded in 1964. Romanshorn Zoo closed down in 1977 in Romanshorn, .

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The private zoo in Romanshorn was developed from the animal trader Karl Künzler, who also trained animals and gave shows with the big cats during weekends. The famous big cat trainer René Strickler started his career in this zoo, when he was 21 years old.

During the seventies Karl Künzler also had elephants.

After Karl Künzler had heart problems, his wife Elsi Künzler took over the zoo, but had to close it in 1977 due to financial problems.

Their son, Martin Künzler train birds, and rent out pigeons for marriage ceremonies.

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