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Present living elephants at Gyor Zoo in Hungary

This database list 4 elephants

Nr Sex Species Name Id Origin Age Arrival from location
1 ♂ LA Rungwe
EEP id: 20089
Born captive-born 2012-07-20 by Limbo x NDala at Beauval Zoo , 11 yrs2021-10-07 Magdeburg Zoo
2 ♂ LA Kito (Nyiregyhaza)
EEP id: 201500
Born captive-born 2015-06-19 by Jack x Kwanza at Sosto Zoo , 8 yrs2021-06-16 Sosto Zoo
3 ♂ LA Pembé (Babar)
EEP id: 20005
Born captive-born 2001-05-03 by Yossi x Bahati at Ramat Gan Zoo , 22 yrs2021-06-10 Plaisance du Touch - Zoo African Safari (Toulouse)
4 ♂ LA Bou-Bou
EEP id: 20045
Born captive-born 2006-03-23 by Tonga x Veri at Hodenhagen Serengeti-Park , 17 yrs2021-06-04 La Fleche Zoo

Source for the list of elephants presently living at Gyor Zoo

Reference list

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Sources used for this list:

Latest updateName of elephantSource (if it is a website, the target website will open in new window)
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•  Damien Rochelle
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2012-05-10 Pembé (Babar):• Peter Stolk, Netherlands
• Survey 2006 - Elephants in European Zoos and Safari Parks published by European Elephant Group: Alexander Haufellner, Fred Kurt, Jürgen Schilfarth, Georg Schweiger

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