Sparks Circus in United States

Sparks Circus


OwnerJohn H. Sparks
?-1928: Charlie Sparks (adopted)
1928-?: American Circus Corporation
Ringling brothers
Closed down1932
Country United States

Directors?-1903: John Sparks
1903-1928: Charlie Sparks (adopted)

Key People


Elephant department

Head keepers
of elephants
-1923: Louis Reed
(elephant superintendent)
1923-1924: Walter McClain
(assistant superintendent)
1924-1931: Walter McClain
(elephant superintendent)

Elephant keepers
Relevant literature

Sparks Circus, United States . Sparks Circus closed down in 1932.

Comments / picturesCircus began in the 1890s as the John H, Sparks Old Virginia Shows, established by John H. Wiseman (1863-1903). He used the name of Sparks on all of his entertainment shows and legally changed his name to John H. Sparks. He died on January 29, 1903.

1917: Walter McClain started 1917 as candy butcher at Sparks Circus, became assistant to Louis Reed in 1923, and Elephant superintendent 1924-1931.

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