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Records about Elbert Howes from Bob Cline

I would like to bring to everyone\'s attention a wonderful book by William Slout entitled "A Royal Coupling, The historic marriage of Barnum & Bailey" printed in 2000.

In it on pages 85 & 86, Mr. Slout tells of Elbert Howes going to Ceylon himself in 1870 to purchase elephants. He arranged for the capture and shipment of 11 elephants from Ceylon arriving in NYC near the 13th street docks on July 22, 1871. One elephant died enroute. They were lodged overnight in the Eleventh Ave. stables of the Hudson River Railroad, then walked to the depot and loaded into 5 produce cars for shipment.

Two of the elephants went to Van Amburgh\'s Great Golden Menagerie appearing in Illinois. The other eight went to Howe\'s Great London appearring in Canada at the time. There is documentation of when they were seen and where. They were to be hitched to the huge float the "Car of Juggernut". Mr. Slout then covers the sightings of ten elephants indicating that perhaps the two elephants for Van Amburgh did not ship to him immediately but rather joined Howe\'s first then shipped out.

The remaining eight elephants on Howe\'s would be Rajah, Mandarin, Hannibal, Bismarck, Mercury, Utopia, Victoria, and a baby named Princess.

Rajah was supposed to be a killer. I cannot account for Rajah in this time period from 1872 to 1880 so there is some possibility here. I have Rajah going to W.W. Cole in 1881 being renamed Tom. It may be the same elephant.

The only two Hannibals I have recorded, had both died prior to 1871. This is the only mention I have so I have nothing else to go by.

I have a female Asian named Bismarck in 1871 listed on the Col. C.T. Ames Show. She was on the Haight\'s Great Eastern Menagerie until 1875 then sold at auction to the Cincinnati Zoo. I have found no other mention of a Bismarck being an Asian elephant.

Mention of Mercury and Utopia have never been discovered anywhere else.

Mandarin and Victoria were followed through to the Cooper & Bailey take over.

No mention of a Princess as an Asian has been found in 1871.

I explain all of that to show how confusing some of these elephant\'s histories can get when you see the 1875 advertisements.

By 1875, their advertising placed names with the five elephants remaining as Chief, Emperor, Sultan, Victoria, & Mandree.

These five as already stated joined the Cooper & Bailey Herd in 1879 when Howe\'s sold out.

Source: https://bucklesw.blogspot.com/2008/05/howes-1872-herald-ele-partial-scan-only.html
Bob Cline, Cheraw, South Carolina, United States. Autor of the book Americas elephants

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