Wanneroo Lion Park in Australia

Wanneroo Lion Park
Local name Bullen's African Lion Safari

Owner 1971-1988: Stafford Bullen
Country Australia


Key People-1977: Richard Wilson (zookeeper)


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Wanneroo Lion Park, Australia .

Comments / picturesWanneroo Lion Park, formerly Bullen\'s African Lion Safari Park, was an open-range zoo in Carabooda, in the north of Perth, Western Australia. It operated for 17 years, between 1971 and 1988.

The park was opened on 21 August 1971 by brothers Kenneth Bullen and Stafford Bullen, in partnership with television station TVW7 and Michael Edgley, following the closure of Bullen\'s Circus in 1969, and the success of similar ventures in New South Wales.

There were 32 lions and four cubs, in two separated prides, when it opened. Cars and tourist buses would drive through the park, and the lions would come up to and onto the vehicles. They would bite anything attached to the vehicles, especially windscreen wipers and tyres, and windows needed to be kept up to prevent them putting their paws inside.

A separate compound contained various other animals, and there were circus shows featuring cockatoos and monkeys.

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