Cooke’s Circus in United Kingdom

Cooke’s Circus

Owner 1780-1810: Thomas Cooke Sr.
1810-1866: Thomas Taplin Cooke
1866-: John Cooke
Closed down1908
Country United Kingdom

Directors: James Cooke (director)

Key People -: William Cooke (artist)
-: Henry Cooke (animal trainer)
-: Rebecca Cooke (artist)
-: Emily Cooke (animal trainer)
-: Mary Cooke (artist)
-: William Cole (artist)
-: Harry Welby Cooke (animal trainer)
-: Alfred Cooke (animal trainer)
-: Hubert Cooke (animal trainer)
-: Adelaide Macarthy (animal trainer)
-: Leon Cooke (animal trainer)
1850-1851: James Boswell (artist)


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Cooke’s Circus, United Kingdom , was founded in 1870. Cooke’s Circus closed down in 1908.

Comments / picturesThe Cookes, one of the earliest of the travelling shows, intermarried with such circus families as Boswell (South Africa), Chadwick, Cole (America), Ginnett, Krembser (German), Lockhart, Macarte, Powell, Shelton, Wirth (Australia), Woolford, Austin, Clarke, Crockett, Cruickshank, Franks, Pinder, Rowland, Sanger, Transfeld and Yelding.

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