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Africam Safari (Puebla Zoo), in Puebla, Mexico , was founded in 1972.

Living elephants

At the Africam Safari (Puebla Zoo) lives 19 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Arik born 2020-08-00
  2. Big Boy born 2002
  3. Bolita
  4. Ceja
  5. Honney Ball born 1961
  6. Hoop born 2017-08-29
  7. Independiente
  8. India born 1970
  9. Kibili born 2018-08-10
  10. Lester born 2020-11-11
  11. Lider
  12. Lunar
  13. Mediano
  14. Ramos born 1974
  15. Sarabi born 2017-05-16
  16. Timida
  17. Utukuri born 2019-11-28
  18. Vampi
  19. Zoom born 2020-08-01

Comments / pictures"...Africam Safari, a 900-acre wildlife preserve whose name is a combination of Africa and the family name of the park\'s owner — Frank Carlos Camacho." //

Africam Safari is a Mexican zoo park that was established in 1972 by Captain Carlos Camacho Espiritu. Captain Carlos Camacho first created this Kingdom of Animals as a private collection at home in Valsequillo, Puebla. Lately, he began to realize the dream of his life, Africam Safari. He named the park after the AFRIcan continent and his surname CAMacho. On October 28th 1976 Mr Camacho died, and his wife Louise Wardle de Camacho took over.

It is located about 17 km from the city of Puebla. There are approximately 3000 animals of 250 Species that roam freely in a habitat which is said to encourage animal development and reproduction.[2]

Visitors to the park become inmersed in the animal habitats, which very closely resemble the wild. The animals roam freely and the visitors can observe them from their own vehicles or the parks guided buses. Africam Safari has several habitats, including African Savannah, American steppes, Tropical Jungle, Mexican Forest, Tiger Lake, Lion Territory and walk-through adventure zone.[2]

Captain Carlos Camacho Espiritu created AfriCam with the purpose of creating a community conscience about the protection of the Species and indeed this zoo is one of the few such establishments in Latin America which can include white tigers in its list of animals.[1]


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