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Manis Mastodon site, United States .

Comments / picturesOn August 8, 1977, a farmer named Emanuel Manis was digging his property with a backhoe when he found the Tusks of an American mastodon.

An archaeological excavation led by Dr. Carl Gustafson of Washington State University found a rib bone that had what appeared to be a spear point made from the bone of a different mastodon embedded in it. The point had bone growth around it, indicating that it had not caused the mastodon\'s death. Gustafson deemed it the earliest known evidence of interaction between humans and mastodons in the Americas.

The fossil remains of the mastodon were donated to the Sequim Museum & Arts in Sequim and are now on display. A casting of the bone projectile point is also on display.

The Manis Mastodon site is 800 years older than the Clovis people. This site, among others, is helping to change the long-held beliefs of many archaeologists about the earliest human inhabitants of North America. The Manis Mastodon site remains the oldest archaeological site on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State and one of the oldest in North America.

In November 2011, Shirley Manis, daughter of discoverer Emanuel Manis, authored the first and only children\'s picture book about the Manis Mastodon site, which includes the most recent Research analysis.

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