Relocated elephants from Lowry Park Zoo in United States

Lowry Park Zoo had previously 7 elephants relocated to new location.

Nr Sex Species Name Id Status Arrival
Present locationImport
1 ♂ LA - Msholo
SSP id: 535
PC: Born wild 1989 2003-08-21
Atlanta Zoo 2003
2 ♂ LA - Sdudla
SSP id: 534
PC: Born wild 1990 2003-01-21
Lowry Park Zoo 2003
3 † ♂ EM - Luke (Sabu)
SSP id: 261
dead: Born captive-born 1985-11-24 Dead: 2022-11-00, 37 yrs Reason: unknown: heart condition?
Two Tails Ranch
4 † ♀ EM - Sheena
SSP id: 431
dead: Born unknown Dead: 1986-01-17, ? yrs Reason: : heart failure 1960-12-00
African Lion Safari (Ontario)
5 ♂ LA - Tamani
SSP id: 544
PC: Born captive-born 2005-10-17 2005-10-17
Kansas City Zoo
6 † ♀ EM - Minyahk (Ole C.C.)
SSP id: 96
dead: Born wild 1949 Dead: 2010-08-04, 61 yrs Reason: age: bacterial disease, broken vertebrae 1991-04-20
Dickerson Park Zoo
7 † ♀ EM - Tilly
SSP id: 250
dead: Born wild 1960 Dead: 2010, 50 yrs Reason: unknown: 1986-10-13
Two Tails Ranch

Source for the list of elephants relocated, previously living at Lowry Park Zoo

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