Deceased elephants at Sydney Zoo in Australia

This database list 20 dead elephants

Nr Sex Species Name Id Status Arrival locationImport
1+ ♂ EM Jai Dee Local birth nr: 4
ASMP id: 79? (unconfirmed) 3
Born: captive-born 2017-05-26
Gung x Pak Boon
Dead:2020-10-13 (3 years after arrival), disease torsion in the intestines (twisted bowel)
2+ ♀ EM Tukta Local birth nr: 3
ASMP id: 73 8
Born: captive-born 2010-11-02
Gung x Pak Boon
Dead:2018-09-03 (8 years after arrival), disease Elephant endotheliotropic herpes virus
3+ ♀ EM Ranee ASMP id: 36 43Born: wild 1955 Dead:1998-11-29 (36 years after arrival), anesthesia collapsed 3 days after vaginal tumoural growth operation1962-11-01 Mayfields Kennels and Zoo (H.H. de Souza)1962?
4+ ♀ LA Chori 43Born: wild Dead:1979-04-18, unknown acute heart failure, autopsy showed lung tumors and erosive osteo-arthritis in the knees
5+ ♀ EM Jill ASMP id: 19 64Born: unknown 1913 Dead:1977-02-28 (42 years after arrival), anesthesia arthtritis1935-11-25 Yangon Zoo (Rangoon Zoo)
6+ ♀ EM Joan ASMP id: 40 18Born: wild 1958 Dead:1976-07-10 (14 years after arrival), disease gangrenous tail as result from bite from another elephant1962-11-01 Mayfields Kennels and Zoo (H.H. de Souza)1962?
7+ ♀ EM Ranee I ASMP id: 22 62Born: unknown 1909 Dead:1971-07-06 (33 years after arrival), unknown 1938-11-08 Calcutta Alipore Zoo (Alipore Zoological gardens)
8+ ♀ EM Sarina ASMP id: 21 38Born: wild 1933 Dead:1971-06-06 (33 years after arrival), unknown 1938-12-04
9+ ♂ EM Gandhi ASMP id: 28 56Born: wild 1912 Dead:1968-04-19 (18 years after arrival), unknown 1950-05-15 Bullen's Circus
10+ ♀ EM Doll 56Born: Dead:1963-05-28, euthanised 1963-05-00 Wirth Circus
11+ ♀ EM Betty ASMP id: 42 56Born: unknown Dead:1963-05-28, euthanised 1963-05-14 Bullen's Circus
12+ ♀ EM Cauveri ASMP id: 34 3Born: unknown 1955 Dead:1958-11-16, unknown 1958-09-04
13+ ♀ EM unknown ASMP id: 25 3Born: unknown Dead:1956-07-04 (9 years after arrival), unknown 1947-04-22 Unknown
14+ ♀ EM Nellie ASMP id: 26 3Born: unknown Dead:1949-05-21, accident fell into the dry moat, broke her back1948-08-16 Mitchell Park Zoo
15+ ♂ LA Dumbo 6Born: wild 1941 Dead:1947-07-14, disease congenital birth defect1947-01-00 Gangala-na-Bodio Elephant Domestication Center
16+ ♀ EM Jessie ASMP id: 4 64Born: unknown 1875 Dead:1939-09-26 (23 years after arrival), unknown 1916-00-00 Sydney Zoo (Moore Park)
17+ ♂ EM Dundry (Jumbo?) ASMP id: 7 64Born: wild Dead:1923-05-14 (5 years after arrival), euthanised shot, aggressive1918-00-00 Wirth Circus
18+ ♀ EM Jenny ASMP id: 10 5Born: unknown 1917 Dead:1922-05-22, unknown 1922-05-15
19+ ♀ EM Chinni ASMP id: 8 5Born: unknown 1917 Dead:1922-05-22, unknown 1922-05-15
20+ ♀ LA Cheena 5Born: wild Dead:, unknown

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