Kronberg Opel Zoo in Germany

Kronberg Opel Zoo

OwnerGeorg von Opel
First elephant arrived1955
Address Königsteiner Strasse 35
Zip-code D-61476
Place Kronberg
Country Germany
Website Website

DirectorsGeorg von Opel

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Kronberg Opel Zoo, located at Königsteiner Strasse 35, in Kronberg, Germany and the first elephant arrived in 1955.

Living elephants

At the Kronberg Opel Zoo lives 5 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Christina born 2006-06-18
  2. Kariba born 2006-03-17
  3. Lilak born 1971
  4. Neco born 2021-01-08
  5. Tamo born 2008-01-13

Comments / picturesKronberg Zoo was founded by Georg von Opel in Königstein, Taunus valley.

1955: The first import of African elephants was in 1955, two males, Vauka and Conti, and the female Opeline. Vauka sired two babies with Opeline,

1965: Afrika was born 1965

1968: The bull Afrikano 1968. Like all elephant bulls, Conti and Vauka became more and more aggressive.

1971: They were euthanized 1971 and 1977.

1981: The female Aruba, born 1979 in Zimbabwe, was bought 1981. Afrikano died 1981 due to wounds he got from spike nails in his stable.

1982: Afrika died 1982, the same year as the female Toto was bought from Munich Zoo.

1992: Toto was euthanized 1992, and Opeline died during the nineties. Since then new elephants were bought, but they have not bred so far.

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