Vienna Zoo in Austria

Vienna Zoo

Local nameTiergarten Schönbrunn
OwnerTiergarten Schönbrunn gmbh
First elephant arrived1772
Number of animals37
AddressMaxingstrasse 13B

Directors?-1919: Alois Kraus (1840–1926) Kraus was previously headkeeper at Maximilian von Habsburgs menagerie at Miramar castle in Trieste
1992-2004: Helmut Pechlaner
2004-2019: Dagmar Schratter
2019-now: Stephan Hering-Hagenbeck

Head keepers
of elephants
1998.02: Dan Koehl
1998-11: Gerd Kohl
2004-now: Simon Stöger
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Vienna Zoo, located at Maxingstrasse 13B, in Wien, Austria, was founded in 1752 and the first elephant arrived in 1772.

Living elephants

At Vienna Zoo lives 5 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)

  1. Iqhwa born 2013-09-04
  2. ,
  3. Mongu born 2003-05-25
  4. ,
  5. Numbi born 1992
  6. ,
  7. Tembo born 1985-00-00
  8. ,
  9. Tonga (Rambo) born 1985
  10. ,

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1753: Tiergarten Schönbrunn in Vienna, being the oldest Zoo in the world, already opened by its founder and owner Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria, for visitors in 1752.

Holy Roman Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria

1772 The zoo has kept elephants since 1772.

1906: The second (Asian) elephant born in European captivity, Mädi was born here 1906 and lived 38 years.

1996: The new elephant park was built in 1996, covering 6. 700 m² and the stable includes 827 m², with 650 m² area for the cows, and three bull boxes, each measuring 63 m². There is pools inside and outside, and also a clay bath. The out enclosures is over 4. 600 m², divided in a larger area for the cows, and a smaller for the bull. Only "soft" moats are used, in order to reduce the accident risks.

2001: In 25 april 2001 the first elephant calf in Europe bred trough Artificial Insemination were born here.

2007: Vienna Zoo transferred all their elephants into protected contact in 2007/2008.

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