Present living elephants at Sublanka Wildlife Sanctuary in Thailand

This database list 19 elephants

OriginAgeDOBParentsArrivalArrival from location
1 Pang PloyEM Funknown x 2006-07-07
2 Pang Hua DeeEM Funknown x 2005-09-10
3 Pang Kham Moon YaiEM Funknown x 2005-07-10Doi Pha Muang Wildlife Sanctuary
4 Pang DuhEM Funknown x 2005-04-30Thailand unspecified location
5Pang MaeboonkaewEM Funknown x 2005-00-00
6 Pang DaoEM Fcaptive-born x Duen2005-00-00
7 Pang PornchitaEM Funknown x 2005-00-00
8 Pang YaiEM Fwild 481973 x
9 Plai SombatEM Munknown x 2006-07-00
10 Plai DoraemonEM Mcaptive-born 162005 x Pang Dorami2005-10-18
11 Plai ChalardEM Mcaptive-born 182003 x Pang Hua Dee2005-09-19
12 Plai SrisakornEM Munknown x 2005-00-00Mae Wong National Park, Thailand
13 Plai SomchaiEM Munknown x 2005-00-00
14 UnnamedEM wild 92012-04-17Plai Somlak x Jarunee (Charunee)2012-04-17
15Pang DaraEM F x 2012-05-28
16Pang DuenEM Funknown x 2005-00-00
17Pang Jarunee (Charunee)EM Fwild x 2005-00-00TECC (Thai Elephant Conservation Center - National Elephant Institute)
18 AdulEM M x 2012-05-28
19 Plai SomlakEM Munknown x 2006-07-07

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Facts about present living elephants at Sublanka Wildlife Sanctuary in Thailand at Sublanka Wildlife Sanctuary in Thailand, Elephant Encyclopedia, Koehl, D. (2020), available online retrieved 21 January 2021 at (archived at the Wayback machine)

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