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Auckland Zoo
Photo ©: Jeremy Harris, Auckland, New Zealand
Photo ©: Jeremy Harris, Auckland, New Zealand


First elephant arrived1923
Address Motions Road, Western Springs
Place Auckland
Country New Zealand
Website Website

Directors 2018: Kevin Buley (director)

Key People 2007-2009: Charles Cadwallader (curator)

Veterinarians: James Chatterton (head veterinarian)

Elephant department

Head keepers
of elephants
1995-: Brooke Noonan
(elephant head-keeper)
1954-1954: Frank Lane
(elephant head-keeper)
1923-1954: Albert Barnett
(elephant head-keeper)
-now: Andrew Coers
(elephant head-keeper)

Elephant keepers
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Auckland Zoo, located at Motions Road, Western Springs, in Auckland, New Zealand , was founded in 1922 and the first elephant arrived in 1923.

Living elephants

At the Auckland Zoo lives 1 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Burma born 1982

Comments / pictures1923: Auckland Zoo in New Zealand New+ZealandThe Auckland Zoos first elephant Jamuna arrived 1923-06-07 from Calcutta Alipore Zoo (Alipore Zoological gardens), on the picture with her keeper Albert Barnett, in 1925

1954: “Tragedy stuck the zoo twice in 1954 first with the death of Albert Barnett the zoo foreman. Barnett died after a finger became infected in what was initially thought to be a minor injury sustained at work. In August another staff member, 65-year-old Frank Lane, who had also worked at the zoo since its opening like Barnett, was killed in a much-publicized accident. Lane had just fed a young elephant, Kassala (not sure when she arrived, I believe she was a female Indian Elephant, refer below as I can only find one mention of her), and was climbing back through the rails between the stalls when Jamuna swung her truck knocking him into the wall and killing him instantly. Barnett had been Jamuna\'s regular keeper and it was reported she had been upset since his death. It is believed Lane\'s death was the result of a tragic accident rather than a deliberate attack. Jamuna spent the rest of her life without incident”.

1965: “In September 1965 the zoos star Elephant Jamuna died. She was believed to be approximately 50 years old and carried over 750,000 guests”.

2001: Information provided 2001-08-01 by elephant head keeper Broke Noonan: "Hands on training programme, daily Footcare, washdowns, and handling routines. Walked throughout zoo grounds daily, large outdoor enclosure with pool and mud wallow. Large indoor facility. Daily workouts include log work, keeper riding, public demonstrations.

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