Deceased elephants at Bullen's Circus in Australia

This database list 11 dead elephants

Nr Sex Species Name Id Status Arrival locationImport
1+ ♀ EM Topsy 18Born: wild 1943 Dead:1961-10-00, accident panicked and ran onto railway tracks where she was hit and killed by a train Goldwyn Brothers circus
2+ ⚪ EM unknown 18Born: Dead:1961, 1961-00-00 Mayfields Kennels and Zoo (H.H. de Souza)1961
3+ ♀ EM Kassala ASMP id: 29 15Born: wild 1945 Dead:1960-12-21 (3 years after arrival), food related died after eating Hemlock, a poisonous green fern.1957-12-30 Auckland Zoo
4+ ♀ EM Sally 25Born: wild 1935 Dead:1960-04-17, disease toxication
5+ ♀ EM Mollie 13Born: unknown 1944 Dead:1957, disease ate poison plants
6+ ♀ EM Boonga 26Born: unknown 1928? Dead:1954-07-12?, trauma died during a a big storm1953-07-01 Taronga Dubbo Western Plains Zoo1953
7+ ♀ EM Baby Betty 26Born: Dead:, 1957-00-00 Mayfields Kennels and Zoo (H.H. de Souza)
8+ ♀ EM Bullens Alice 26Born: Dead:, disease heart attack
9+ ♀ EM Zara 26Born: Dead:, 1947-00-00 1947
10+ ♀ EM Jennie 26Born: Dead:, 1947-00-00 1947
11+ ♀ EM Mandy 26Born: Dead:,

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Facts about Deceased elephants at Bullen's Circus in Australia, Elephant Encyclopedia, Koehl, D. (2023), available online retrieved 6 December 2023 at (archived at the Wayback machine)

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2013-05-26 Mollie:•
2013-05-26 Zara:• Craig Bullen
•  Tony Ratcliffe
2013-05-26 Jennie:• Craig Bullen
•  Tony Ratcliffe
2013-05-22 Mandy:• Tony Ratcliffe
2013-05-21 Topsy:• Tony Ratcliffe
2013-05-21 unknown:•
2013-05-20 Baby Betty:• Tony Ratcliffe.
2013-05-20 Bullens Alice:• Tony Ratcliffe
2012-09-23 Kassala:• Steve Robinson,
•  Gavan Donoghue, Australia
2012-03-11 Boonga:• Gavan Donoghue, Australia
2010-05-24 Sally:• Les Marriage
• Bob Cunningham

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